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In-charge: Dr Shaleen Kumar Singh ( Mobile No.9359459695)

The college has an NSS wing. The candidates interested to take admission shall fill up a separate application form, and they would be selected after interview. Only those students of BA/B Sc/B Com can apply, who have not taken NCC. Publicity of twenty points programme, and participation in them is compulsory for the candidates admitted to the NSS. The candidates taking part in National Adult Education Programme (NAEP), NCC and NSS must add other students to this nation spread programme, for its success. Various programmes of NSS are conducted during holidays as well.

From all the faculties, (except B Ed), selection of the candidates for NCC and NSS shall be done by its officers as per the required eligibility. Only one out of these two can be opted for.

Scouting and Guiding, Rovers and Rangers Dr. M.K. Verma ( Mobile No.7376621102)

Scouting is an educational system based on morality. It is a vision, medium, art and knowledge stream for a successful life. The college has an arrangement of training for rovers and rangers.particularly for B.Ed. & M.Ed.students

The candidates shall fill up the form for the admission to the scheme, and shall be selected on the basis of fixed process. For this a ten day camp and other training programmes are conducted. The rovers-rangers team of the college has been appreciated many times both at champion and at state levels