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Librarian Sri S.P. Dabral ( Mobile No.9415035842)
Library Clerk Sri Manoj Agarwal ( Mobile No.9450413151)

    A well equipped library is located in a separate part of the college building. All the students of the college are expected to go through the reference and additional manuals of their syllabus and along with that they are advised to study the books and magazines from different fields for mental development, interest generation and development of mental power.

    Library Rules

    1. All the students of the college shall be the members of the library. Every candidate must get himself/herself registered with the library by the last date.
    2. Books shall be issued only on the library card, on which the students' photograph is pasted.
    3. Only one book shall be issued on one record at a time. Only two books can be issued on the library card.
    4. Though the books are issued for a period of 14 days, the books, which are short, can be issued for a shorter period. In case of late return, Re 1 per day per book is chargeable as late fine.
    5. In case of tearing, spoiling, missing pages, or book lost, the student is liable to provide new book in its place, or its present price along with the fine. So the student should get himself/herself satisfy before issuing it.
    6. The books can be issued between 10 in the morning till 4 in the evening.
    7. Duplicate card can be issued in case of loss of the library card by paying a penalty of Rs 50 in the college library.
    8. Carrying identity card is compulsory to get the books issued.
    9. The books and the library card must be returned before the start of the annual examination, otherwise admit card would not be issued.
    10. The books would not be given during summer vacations.

    Reading Room Rules

    There is a reading room facility available in the library, where the students can sit in their spare time and study for their development on general knowledge and be informative of the daily news.