Physical Education

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Head of Department Dr. Ajeet Singh Charag ( Mobile No.9415918905)

    From the session 2006-2007, the university has made the physical education subject compulsory for all students pursuing graduation courses. The students shall take the written and practical examinations for the selected sport and the examination must be qualified. This subject is compulsory for all faculties at the graduation level.

    For the practical examination of this subject, every student has to select two track and field sports and one team sport. Both the sports shall be separate from the one selected in the preceding years. For example, if a student has selected long jump and 100 m race and cricket in its first and second year, then he/she cannot select these sports again in the next session; these must be changed.

    All the students must prepare a practical file for practical examination, related information of which can be obtained from the related officer and it shall be compulsory for the students to come in track suit and sport shoes during the practical examination.

    Physically handicapped students must deposit two photocopies of its certificate.

    1. Any two of the following track and field events can be compulsorily selected:
      • 100 m sprint
      • Medium race and marathon
      • Long jump
      • Triple jump
      • High jump
      • Shot-put throw
      • Discus throw
      • Javelin throw
    2. Any One of the following sports has to be selected:
      • Volley ball
      • Football
      • Kabbaddi
      • Kho-kho
      • Cricket